Robbery at shop sparks new safe ideas

Arriving at work this morning had been very confusing. The street had been blocked off and were filled with red and blue flashing lights. Something serious was happening, and the police had come out in force. Not only did the detour leave me parked on the other side of the street – I’d managed to become fifteen minutes late. Rushing towards work, the crowds and the police presence seemed to be growing heavier. I wondered what was going on, in too much of a hurry to have a good look around. Brushing it off as some kind of street entertainment, I pushed through the crowds and scuffled into the front doors of my work. It was then that I realised there was no street entertainment, the crowds and the police, they were all here for my shop.

Apparently last night after closing, a group of guys came through, gutting the store of anything with any value. I ran a small gift store, it was a souvenir store and not a very busy one at that. Of course, my pride an joy of the store had been stolen. The safe I’d gotten from Electronic Safes Melbourne had vanished. Instead of trying to crack it in store, they decided to take it home with them. I loved that safe. Fighting back the tears, I introduced myself to the first policeman I saw. As I followed the uniformed authority figure to his colleague, I thought about going back into Fire Resistant Safes Melbourne. I had enjoyed myself the last time I’d gone in there, and absolutely fell in love with my safe. Shaking the hand of the second police officer, I wondered if Safes Melbourne was still open. Panic set in, before I forced it to the back of my mind. I had important things to take care of now, I had to focus.