I will be the knocker on the windows

If there are Gods in this world then they will want to do right by me. I am powerful and I have things in my heart, and in my soul and in my mind than no mortal could ever dream of. I do not know if I will ever reach the life-next, but I do know that I will want to speak to the gods if and when I do. I will want to know why they made me, and why they cursed me with this eternal life. I can not end my life, and I can not move on. I am doomed to live a life while I am inside this world, and I am doomed to watch anyone and everyone that I care about to fall before me, and pass on, into peace. That will never be me, I fear, as I am the eternal watch, lurking in the shadow. I can not get too close, lest you leave me, as you inevitably will. I have to talk to someone about this, which is why I called the best aluminium windows Melbourne crew that we have, and why I asked them to fix up my window. It is not my fault that I am the one who actually broke it just before calling them, so that the sash windows Melbourne crew had a reason to stay here. I do not like myself for doing that, but I can not live the rest of eternity doing nothing, and living outside of humanity. Maybe it is what I deserve, for who I am, or what I did, but I do not like it. Deserved or not, it is still punishment for a crime I know not of. I will tell this all to the professional and friendly crew at the timber windows Melbourne company. They will listen to me, while they are replacing the windows.

Going away party, only right we call the caterers

My boyfriend had just been told he his squad was being shipped overseas for a minimum of eight months. He’d been away before, but only for a few weeks or so, nothing this long. I had decided that instead of getting upset and fretting about the fact that I wasn’t going to see him for a very long time, I would embrace the time I had with him now. I was going to throw him an extravagant going away party that he could remember when he left. It was going to be a brilliant day filled with friends, laughter and all of his favourite things. I wasn’t one to cook anything fancy, so I decided to have a caterer take over the food side of things.

I spent the afternoon browsing online at all the different catering companies that provide a service to my area. There were a lot of them, but I finally stumbled across one that looked amazing. Catering Melbourne seemed professional, and they had the experience. I decided to give them a call. After I’d hung up the phone with the man at Finger Food Catering Melbourne, I had a few decisions to make. I was definitely going to place an order with them, that wasn’t the problem, it was what I wanted to order – everything looked so good! I couldn’t make up my mind. I had to call in a second opinion. I had told one person about the surprise going away party and that was Rina, my best friend. Rina was a big help. She came right over and within an hour, we had a menu ready. I phoned Party Catering Melbourne back and placed our order. Now I had to arrange music and beers. There needed to be a lot of beer, at least eight months worth anyway.

New garage company saves the day

My father was carrying on about the company he was going to have build him a shed. He wanted to have a small shed built out the back of his house, just close enough so he could get to it easily, but not close enough to smell the fertiliser. My father had planned to use this shed to house his gardening equipment, but the company he was making arrangements with seemed to be stuffing him around. From what I could gather, there were a couple of young guys trying to take advantage of my father, by making him buy a shed he didn’t need. Instead of the basic shed my father was after, they had put down the deluxe gold special, which was almost four times the price of what my father asked for. After hearing all of this, I phoned the company and cancelled the order. I also let the manager know exactly what I thought of him employees.

After my fathers garage fiasco, he’d given up on the idea. I, on the other hand, had not. I phoned the team at Farm Sheds Tamworth and spoke to them about getting a shed put in for my father. We spoke for a while, before they booked in a good time for someone to come out and talk to my father about his shed. The person from Stable Builders Tamworth would also be able to take measurements for the shed while he was here, and if we needed it he could help give advice on where to put it. I hung up the phone, repeating the scheduled time as not to forget it. I didn’t want the man from Car Sheds Tamworth turning up and I’d forgotten about it.

Bond cleaners arrive today

The day had finally arrived. I had spent the past week frantically packing up my entire life. Everything I owned had to be packed into boxes and stuffed into my car. I did about five trips from my old house, taking my things over to my new house. It was a very frustrating move, spending time doing things that I should have done a long time beforehand. I didn’t know how, but I’d managed to get the house cleared out and it was ready for the team from Bond cleaning Perth to come through and make it sparkle. I had called the guys at End of lease cleaning Perth earlier in the week and booked an appointment for today. They were going to be sending a team of cleaners to make sure the job gets done by the end of the day. I had told the bond cleaners that I needed to hand the keys back to the real estate agency by the following afternoon, so they could work tomorrow if they wanted to as well, but would need to be finished by about four o’clock.

When they arrived, the cleaners from Vacate cleaning Perth told me they would try their best to have it done by the end of the day. I was pleased with their enthusiasm and walked them through the house and around the outside area. I gave the cleaning team my mobile number and left them to their work. I didn’t want to hang around all day getting in everyone’s way. I would find something to do outside, I just didn’t know what yet. Maybe I would head down to the beach, or to the cinema. It had been a while since I had gone out and done something for myself and just relaxed. When I returned, my house would be ready for me to leave.

I want to go into town for the limos

I want to go on a limo and I want to do it as soon as I can. I want to be one of those people that really wants to do this sort of thing. I’m pretty sure that the rest of the family does not like to have anything to do with all of my crazy and wild notions and schemes, They try to stay well away from anything to do with the limo hire Melbourne company as well because they know that I use them and I drag them into the experiments that I like to create and cast on the unsuspecting citizens. I like to run all sort of fun games but I will not talk about that right now. I am so beauty and the only thing that I want to do right is to go to bed, and I want to do that with the limousines. I want to sleep in them but I don’t know if that is allowed or if it is maybe it is just frowned upon. I don’t really know the code around here and so will not sleep. I will call up the stretch limo hire Melbourne crew and they will be able to work something out, if there did have a free limo for me to hire. I have all the money that is needed and they are such good value that it is not that much. I am really getting a lot out of it though. I love them so much. I want the funeral limousines Melbourne crew to know what I feel about them. I want them to know how much I care for their work and for all of the great things that they do. I love the fact that they can make me feel this way and that I want to keep on feeling this way.

Heating technician gets started

When the technician walked up to my front door, I tried to make it look like I was actually doing things around the house before he arrived. Instead, what I was actually doing was sitting on the couch, staring at the road, waiting for the Heating Sydney van to pull up. The heating in my house had stopped working last year and I was trying to get through this winter without spending money on repairs and just keeping warm, but I hadn’t done a very good job of that. It had been about three weeks since the winter chill became obvious, and I couldn’t bare it any longer. I’d been to the doctor because my body has been acting very weird. The doctor told me the cold weather was actually damaging my insides, especially considering I slept on a swag rather than a mattress. When I heard the doctor say my body was undergoing long term damaged, I knew something had to be done, so I made the call.

The man from Ducted Heating Sydney was perfectly on time and very well presented. I’d tried to make it look like I was busy, but I think the technician thought I was a bit odd. I let the man in and showed him to the heater. I told the man from Central Heating Sydney that I had not turned the heater on in about a year and that he might want to be careful. I then realised I was telling a technician how to do his job, shut my mouth and left him to it. I felt really stupid so I sat down and switched on the television. I didn’t want to bother the technician again, so i decided I’d leave him alone until he was finished.

Tow truck explanation, an interesting tale

I didn’t understand why the two drivers were arguing so much and quite frankly I couldn’t think of a worse thing to do at this time of the morning. Sure things were stressful, we’d all just been in an accident and were dealing with shock, frustration, anger, worry and stress. I just didn’t understand why they would continue to argue with each other, instead of just walking back to their own cars and waiting for the man from Towing Companies Adelaide to arrive. That’s exactly what I did, and you don’t see me getting into an argument on the side of the road.

I had to explain all of this to my boss when I got to work. She seemed fairly sympathetic to me on the phone when I called to tell her about the accident at the time of occurrence. Now that I was standing in front of her, she didn’t seem to care as much as I thought. I continued to tell the boss about the police arriving and putting both the drivers in handcuffs, and how the driver from Tow Truck Company Adelaide watched it all as he loaded my crushed car onto the tow truck. I’d had to get the bus after the man from Car Transport Adelaide had taken my car to the mechanic’s workshop. I hadn’t been on public transport in years. If I hadn’t of been so worried about getting to work on time I would have been able to enjoy it. I loved being amongst people.

My boss stayed silent during the rest of my explanation. Whether she was listening was unknown. I walked out of her office knowing I did everything I could to get here on time. I hoped she didn’t fire me.

I love my sister and I love that she is the bride

I love my Sarah more than I can really express. I love my big sister, who is only 1 year older than me. It goes Sarah, who is 26, I at 25, then the twins Melanie and Jessica, at 23, and finally the baby. I will tell you the baby’s name once I remember it. I can actually remember her name, and she is not even really a baby. She is 21 years old and she is the cutest girl in the world. She is not getting tired though; Sarah is getting married. I hope that is as happy as she looks. I can see her walking down the aisle right now, in the dress from the wedding dress shops Melbourne has to offer. I can see her walking to her soon be husband, the great man, Michael. I love Michael and I’m pretty sure that everyone else loves him. Father and mother both love him, which is good news for Sarah. I remember her breaking up with a boy that mum and dad didn’t like once, but that was in university, when she was 19 years old. I am Erica by the way, and my baby sister, the 21 year old, is called Josie. I love all of my sisters and they are best thing that ever happened to me. Sarah, Erica (me), Jess and Mel, and Josie are all wearing either a wedding dress or the bridesmaids dresses Melbourne has to offer and we are all looking like a million bucks. I love how we look and I love the fact that we are all in the bridal party. I know that grandma would have really liked to have seen it. It is the bridal accessories Melbourne crew who are responsible for making us all look like the best people in the world.

I have to keep getting the toolboxes ready

I have to ready this ship for take-off, which is only a few weeks away. That might seem like a long time to some of you people, but I assure you that it is not, and that we really do have to be aware of the things that we are planning on doing. We are going to be going to the Deep and we haven’t been in the Deep for close to 6 months, and we only just got this new ship. That’s why we are running around and that is why I have just been to the aluminium place and just picked up a whole bunch of aluminium toolboxes that we needed to get. I have been meaning to get them for some time, but I have been doing other things in the meantime. I can’t do everything at once because I have ship, a starship that I need to get off the ground so that we can try to get some semblance of a life back, even though it will be impossible to get it all back. I still miss the old place, where I could put all of the service bodies that we got from the great company. It was some of the best things that I’ve ever seen and we should find a way to put it on the Acheron. That’s what the new ship is called after the Argo. I can only hope that we can do a better job of keeping everyone safe than I did on the Argo. I really don’t deserve to be on here, and I don’t deserve to be captain. After we went to pick up the great roof racks and bars that we got from Cherves, we were attacked and I lost a lot of my men and my women that day.

I am giving away jump starters for the holidays

I have never really been much of a holiday person and I’ve never really been much of a Grinch either, so I’ve been somewhere in the middle. I used to love it when I was a kid, but as I got older, my father kept on telling me how much Christmas was terrible and that it wasn’t really a good time at all. I started to believe it and now I don’t really care about it at all. I didn’t think that I could get this cynical, but I hope that the jump starter will be able to turn me around. I hope that I will be able to get back to the kid that I once was, and show my kids that there is nothing to be scared of and that the Christmas Dad is out to play this time around. I want to give my kids the best gift that I can think of and I can’t really think of anything better than the independence that is gained from not having to talk to people about the jumping that they might not want to be giving you in the first place. Now my kids will be able to get their own jump starter pack and I will be the happiest dad in the world when Christmas time comes around. The twins are getting one each, as well as Will, who is getting one too. My kid know me too well to think that I would not get them a portable car battery for Christmas this year, since they are all driving this year. Thank you Gods, because now I will never be able to get to sleep at night. I will still not really be able to sleep, but it will be at least a tiny bit better thanks to the independence that they gained.