I want to get this wedding dress all sorted out for the lucky number 13

I want to get married as soon as I can. I am not normally superstitious, but I think that if I was, I would be about this. I do not like anything to do with 13 and now I am getting married for the 3th time. I know that that is a high number, but I don’t really care. I do not judge you for having 13 kids, or no kids, or having 13 cars, of being with 13 different women at once. I do not care about that at all and I do not think that it is fair to judge me on things that I choose to do as a consenting adult. Anyway, I will talk about all of that later on, right now, I need to get to the wedding dresses Melbourne company store, so that I can get a hold of them so that I can ask them for a dress. I will pay what they want for the dress, so long as I am able to get it. That is all that I want. I want to be able to get married so that I can get this over with, and so that I can get out of the danger zone, of the 13th wedding. I don’t really want to get married again, so I guess I will have to live with the 13th marriage, and I’m sort of okay with that. I don’t really mind that much, because I have my Daniel to make it better. He will prove to me that my unlucky number is actually my lucky number. I want him to come with me to the tiaras Melbourne store, so that he can see the way that things are run and see for himself that a bird shop is not a scary place at all. This place in particular is my favourite and I love it so much. I love the veils Melbourne crew so much; they always make me feel welcome and now they can do it to Dan as well!