Catering arrangements turn out perfectly

There was a lot of pressure on my shoulders and a lot of people looking at me. The arrangements had been set and everything should have been good to go. For some reason however, people were starting to say that the night had gone downhill before it had even started. I knew they were trying to discourage me and I wasn’t going to let them. I had put a lot of effort into this night, and I wasn’t going to let anything ruin it. The arrangements I’d made with Catering Melbourne were all going according to plan, I had to stop listening to other people and just focus on what I was doing. Mary had asked me to help her set up the tables in the main room, which was what I was doing when the woman from Corporate Catering Melbourne tapped me on the shoulder. She introduced herself and then asked where we would like to have the food placed. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

As the team from Fresh Sandwiches and Wraps Melbourne piled out of the van, with tray loads of food balanced carefully in each hand. By the time they had finished bringing everything out, the rest of the room had just about finished being set up. All the chairs and tables were in the right places, the food was set out and the beverages were on their way. Looking around, I was happy with my efforts. The night was looking good, and nothing had gone wrong as of yet. The same woman who had run up to me earlier to tell me how badly the night was going, had just appeared in my face again. Apparently the woman had come to disparage me again. Before she had a chance to say a word, I demanded she left me alone. The woman looked at me shocked, and walked off. There was no room for negativity here, love.