Perfect funeral for Mum, thanks to funeral home

My mother was a very old fashioned woman. She lived her life well and was the greatest mother anyone could have dreamed of. Every second of her life was dedicated to her family and their well being. She was always giving and never expected anything in return. She was fascinated with beauty and managed to find it in anything. Her passion was gardening and she found an immense amount of joy out of watching her plants grow. Her warmth radiated off her and anyone in our neighborhood would love to have her company.

Unfortunately my mother had been battling with breast cancer, a fight she very recently lost. I can’t begin to put into words the void that I am feeling and the loneliness that has filled my body. My mother had always said she wanted to have a beautiful funeral. She didn’t want anyone to be crying, unless they were tears of joy. She wanted only happy memories thought of and no mention of the disease that struck her down. I wanted to make it perfect.

Funeral Services Perth had a lot of different options on offer. I spoke with the woman on the phone about my mothers love of flowers and gardening, and her wishes to have a happy and beautiful funeral. Funeral Director Perth then suggested to me that I have the service at the famous lavender fields just out of town. It wasn’t too far away and it was the most perfect suggestion, my mother adored those fields.

I left everything with Funerals Perth, who assured me they would take care of everything. I hung up the phone and burst into tears. The funeral home staff were incredible, it was more the fact that I was organising my mothers funeral that made me cry, and cry.