New garage company saves the day

My father was carrying on about the company he was going to have build him a shed. He wanted to have a small shed built out the back of his house, just close enough so he could get to it easily, but not close enough to smell the fertiliser. My father had planned to use this shed to house his gardening equipment, but the company he was making arrangements with seemed to be stuffing him around. From what I could gather, there were a couple of young guys trying to take advantage of my father, by making him buy a shed he didn’t need. Instead of the basic shed my father was after, they had put down the deluxe gold special, which was almost four times the price of what my father asked for. After hearing all of this, I phoned the company and cancelled the order. I also let the manager know exactly what I thought of him employees.

After my fathers garage fiasco, he’d given up on the idea. I, on the other hand, had not. I phoned the team at Farm Sheds Tamworth and spoke to them about getting a shed put in for my father. We spoke for a while, before they booked in a good time for someone to come out and talk to my father about his shed. The person from Stable Builders Tamworth would also be able to take measurements for the shed while he was here, and if we needed it he could help give advice on where to put it. I hung up the phone, repeating the scheduled time as not to forget it. I didn’t want the man from Car Sheds Tamworth turning up and I’d forgotten about it.