Drifting away with wedding invitation fantasies in public

I had been waiting in the line for ages and all I wanted to do was use the internet. I had come down to the library this morning to use their computers. I didn’t have the internet at home at the moment, and my friend Kelly had asked me to help her come up with some ideas for her Wedding Invitations. I had never done anything like this before, but Kelly had asked for my help, there was no way I was letting her down. When I finally reached the counter at the library I was able to book myself in for some internet time and headed over to my computer. I started looking up different bridal websites, before searching specifically for some beautiful invitations. I hadn’t had to look very far before stumbling across some of the most beautiful Designer Wedding Invitations I’d ever seen.

I spent the next two hours looking through all of the Modern Wedding Invitations that the invitation company had put up on their website. There was so many to choose from, and they were all so beautiful. You could tell that whoever made these invitations had treated each one with the same amount of affection and care. They were beautiful and I almost wanted to order them to be sent to my house, even though I wasn’t getting married! I wanted these stunning invitations around my house. I wanted to send them out to people, inviting them to my wedding. I was starting to lose the plot and realised I was drifting away with wedding fantasies in a public library. Once I’d managed to save a fair few sample invitations to my harddrive, I signed out of the internet and walked home. I hoped Kelly would like what I’ve found so far.

Trouble coping with wedding invitation arrangements

My friend Rose had asked me for help with her Wedding Invitations, so of course I gave her the business card of the people who organised my invitations. I wanted Rose to have the wedding of her dreams, and at the moment it didn’t really seem like she was coping. I knew Rose’s fiance didn’t have any interest with helping with the wedding plans, but I thought she was letting him off a little easy. She hadn’t given him one task to do, and because they couldn’t afford to hire a wedding planner, Rose was really struggling. I still had a few weeks off before I went back to work, so I decided to step up as a friend and help her out.

I arrived at Rose’s house just before lunch. I had brought some food over because I never liked arriving empty handed, and my wedding planning folder, just incase Rose could get anything helpful out of it. As I walked up Rose’s driveway I realised that I was excited to get planning. It was odd thinking that after my wedding day, all the chaos and planning stopped immediately. I wanted to help Rose as much as possible.

Rose was sitting on the couch crying when I walked in. I ran over to her. Through thick sobbing and a lot of high pitched whining, Rose managed to explain to me that she couldn’t choose between two different Designer Wedding Invitations. Things were worse than I thought. This woman was having a breakdown over a hard invitation choice, I needed to help her!

I sat down in front of Rose, told her to take three deep breathes and then I slapped her across the face. I yelled at her to snap out of it and get ready to decide which Unique Wedding Invitations would be perfect for her wedding.