Nerves take hold as I attempt to phone the heating technicians

I wasn’t sure how to go about this. I was in desperate need of help but was too nervous to call and ask for it. The cold weather was starting to really affect me, changing my moods, my confidence levels and even my understanding of people. I was a very professional woman, with a good grasp on my views of the world. I lived each day according to how I thought I should, and always tried to help anyone whenever I could. Now that I was in need, and the dark winter sky had blocked all of my windows, I had to do something. I was becoming too depressed by the weather to go outside, or even talk to any of my friends. With the heating inside having broken down, I suspected it wouldn’t be long until I walked into a psychiatric institution without intention of checking out. I had everything ready, I just had to find where my confidence had slipped off too.

With the phone number for Heating Melbourne sitting in front of me on the otherwise blank notepad, I hesitated to pick up the phone that was sitting beside it. Reciting aspirations to myself, I watched my hand hover over the phone. Looking at the Ducted Heating Melbourne phone number, I asked myself what was the worst thing that could of happened when I phoned them. I realised that there was absolutely nothing that could go wrong with phoning the heating technicians. I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers. I was being stupid. Although I was nervous, I could do this. I’d done a lot harder things in my life than phoning the technicians at Central Ducted Gas Heating Melbourne. I just needed to man up.