Bond cleaners arrive today

The day had finally arrived. I had spent the past week frantically packing up my entire life. Everything I owned had to be packed into boxes and stuffed into my car. I did about five trips from my old house, taking my things over to my new house. It was a very frustrating move, spending time doing things that I should have done a long time beforehand. I didn’t know how, but I’d managed to get the house cleared out and it was ready for the team from Bond cleaning Perth to come through and make it sparkle. I had called the guys at End of lease cleaning Perth earlier in the week and booked an appointment for today. They were going to be sending a team of cleaners to make sure the job gets done by the end of the day. I had told the bond cleaners that I needed to hand the keys back to the real estate agency by the following afternoon, so they could work tomorrow if they wanted to as well, but would need to be finished by about four o’clock.

When they arrived, the cleaners from Vacate cleaning Perth told me they would try their best to have it done by the end of the day. I was pleased with their enthusiasm and walked them through the house and around the outside area. I gave the cleaning team my mobile number and left them to their work. I didn’t want to hang around all day getting in everyone’s way. I would find something to do outside, I just didn’t know what yet. Maybe I would head down to the beach, or to the cinema. It had been a while since I had gone out and done something for myself and just relaxed. When I returned, my house would be ready for me to leave.