Hiding out until the drain inspection, best option brother

My brother ran and hid when he heard my mother’s reaction to the kitchen sink. I didn’t understand why he continued to do such stupid things. I thought it was a call out for attention, but he’s getting enough of that now and he’s still being stupid. I was starting to think that he just couldn’t help it – he was just plain stupid. I had not long ago came home to discover him pouring a mixture of some kind down the kitchen sink. I thought it had been an attempt to bake cookies or something of the sort, but I was wrong. My brother had concocted a mixture of baking ingredients that bond together to make a glue or cement like substance. He was testing his mixture on the kitchen sink and my mother had just discovered the end results. She had just hung up the phone to the team at Blocked Drains Melbourne. My brother knew the trouble he was in and was doing a very good effort of staying out of our mother’s sight.

My mother came into my room and sat down on the bed. She knew that I had nothing to do with the kitchen sink, but considering I was the first person she saw, she asked me what happened. I told her I didn’t know, and that I’d just gotten home. Mum told me about the appointment she’d made with High Pressure Water Jet Drain Clearing Melbourne and the extent of the damage my brother had done. Mum was very worried that she was going to have to get new pipes put in the house, thanks to my silly brother. Mum went back downstairs and I sat on my bed, hoping the guys at Drain Repair Melbourne would be able to fix it and that Mum wouldn’t have to replace the plumbing.