My best friend wants to pay for the tree felling procedure

I can not let Bob spend money that he does not have. I would love it if I was able to afford all sorts of cool gifts for my friends but I can not do that. I know that Bob can do that even less than I can, and that is without the wedding to keep on paying for. All of this adds up to him not being able to pay for anything let alone a really delicate and possibly extensive tree felling Brisbane procedure. I vow to pay for it so that I will be able to get better on my debt that I owe him. He has been so good to me. Even after he is owed so much money from me, he still insists on calling up and paying the stump grinding Brisbane crew himself because he feels bad about having his wedding in my backyard and we never would have this thing done if that did not happen. The truth is that I needed to have this done and I am so glad that we are able to get past this level awkwardness. He had so much on me, but now that I am going to be paying for the tree lopping, I feel better about being around him and I feel better about all of those sorts of things. I think that the land clearing Brisbane company will be glad to see that someone at least will be able to pay for this so that they can start working on the great feeling of the year. I know that they will be able to do it and I have every faith that Bob will be happier for it. I will pay for it, and I will pocket the cash. I know that it doesn’t really matter that much to me or to him, but I guess it’s just the principle of the thing. I don’t want him to spend any money that he does not have to spend.