The only aluminium tools we will find

I want to find them more than I want to have them. I would love to have them, but more than that, I want to find them, just so that I know that I have found them, and just so that I know that I have beaten the people who have tried to hide them, who are all now 300 years gone. That was the last time that anyone has ever seen any aluminium toolboxes. It was at the end of the Jyan Wars, and he took them all away. They were some of the best looking, and well as the sturdiest aluminium boxes that the galaxy has ever seen, and we are all grateful for the people who made them. They were some special boxes, and Jyan himself knew that. He knew that once he had them all, he would be in a much better position than any of his enemies. That was his downfall in the end, because his search for them, for all of them, led him into uncharted space and he was gone, never heard from again. Some say, some of the paranoid conspiracy theorists, say that he never went away and he is simply circling the galaxy, waiting for his time again, and he will come Back when the draw systems and the toolboxes are back in this world. Once they surface, they say, he will come again. That is why some of my crew have not been that eager to go in search of these toolboxes. A 300 year old ghost story is still scaring them like they were children in their beds. I don’t think that there is anything funny about grown men scared like babies again. It was like a chill had gone over my ship, that first night, when we went down into the catacombs. It was there, in the bowels of the Red City, that we saw the clues of the service bodies that would lead the way. To what end, I still do not know.