I have to keep getting the toolboxes ready

I have to ready this ship for take-off, which is only a few weeks away. That might seem like a long time to some of you people, but I assure you that it is not, and that we really do have to be aware of the things that we are planning on doing. We are going to be going to the Deep and we haven’t been in the Deep for close to 6 months, and we only just got this new ship. That’s why we are running around and that is why I have just been to the aluminium place and just picked up a whole bunch of aluminium toolboxes that we needed to get. I have been meaning to get them for some time, but I have been doing other things in the meantime. I can’t do everything at once because I have ship, a starship that I need to get off the ground so that we can try to get some semblance of a life back, even though it will be impossible to get it all back. I still miss the old place, where I could put all of the service bodies that we got from the great company. It was some of the best things that I’ve ever seen and we should find a way to put it on the Acheron. That’s what the new ship is called after the Argo. I can only hope that we can do a better job of keeping everyone safe than I did on the Argo. I really don’t deserve to be on here, and I don’t deserve to be captain. After we went to pick up the great roof racks and bars that we got from Cherves, we were attacked and I lost a lot of my men and my women that day.