I will be the knocker on the windows

If there are Gods in this world then they will want to do right by me. I am powerful and I have things in my heart, and in my soul and in my mind than no mortal could ever dream of. I do not know if I will ever reach the life-next, but I do know that I will want to speak to the gods if and when I do. I will want to know why they made me, and why they cursed me with this eternal life. I can not end my life, and I can not move on. I am doomed to live a life while I am inside this world, and I am doomed to watch anyone and everyone that I care about to fall before me, and pass on, into peace. That will never be me, I fear, as I am the eternal watch, lurking in the shadow. I can not get too close, lest you leave me, as you inevitably will. I have to talk to someone about this, which is why I called the best aluminium windows Melbourne crew that we have, and why I asked them to fix up my window. It is not my fault that I am the one who actually broke it just before calling them, so that the sash windows Melbourne crew had a reason to stay here. I do not like myself for doing that, but I can not live the rest of eternity doing nothing, and living outside of humanity. Maybe it is what I deserve, for who I am, or what I did, but I do not like it. Deserved or not, it is still punishment for a crime I know not of. I will tell this all to the professional and friendly crew at the timber windows Melbourne company. They will listen to me, while they are replacing the windows.