We need a navigator, and the iar ocns fixed

The first thing that we need to do, after getting the air conditioning service Melbourne company to help us, is get a navigator for the ship, so that we can actually travel properly, knowing where we are going, and are able to get the rest of the crew. We are actually in the hub of Rostern, the biggest world in the Rohedra subsector, and it’s here where we will be able to get what we need. I hear that one of the best technical colleges is on Rostern, and we can pick up a few graduates here who haven’t been rostered into a service yet. It will be fascinating to see how the hubs at Rostern work, one of the largest worlds in the sector, let alone the subsector. If I have my geography right, it’s the sector capital. The sector will also have a lot of air con people who can help us out of a jam. We are in need of a few repair services on the air conditioning system that we have in place on the Rellenar, and I will call up or old friends; the air conditioning Melbourne crew for help. They will be able to get the best parts for the ship, as well as help us out with great customer service, and competitive pricing. James says that the best place to get navigators, while we are waiting for the air con to get fixed, is to go to the the nerd hang out. Navigators are often seen as nerds, and the highly mathematical and scientific nature of navigating attracts the bookish type. I guess we’ll head to the archives and the library. I hear the Rostern library is brilliant. After that, we’ll check up on the state of the air conditioning repairs Melbourne team, and how they are getting on.